Pentagram Bar & Grill

2620 Danforth AVE, Toronto ON

(647) 772-2981

Rated 1.7 out of 5 from 2 Reviews Pentagram Bar & Grill is Ranked #1 of 7 Restaurants in Danforth Village Toronto. Some say it is disabled, disgusting, frequent.
★ Poor on April 2, 2017
I've never been there and I never will. After the way a disabled woman was treated by your establishment, There is no way in hell I would go to your establishment. I have told my friends/family, some of whom are disabled, to never frequent the establishment.
★ Poor on August 24, 2016
the bartender-- was very!!-- rude and disrespectful,, to a young disabled girl the other day,,just because she had to use the washroom,, the bartender blocked her from coming inside and told her NO she can NOT use the washroom BECAUSE SHE IS DISABLED,,and they dont want to be liable if she falls down..-- never will i attend this place again..absolutly disgusting.